Land Surveying

When embarking on a new development or building project a survey of the land and existing structures will be necessary to allow the production of detailed plans and drawings of the existing features. This is essential for the potential of the site to be assessed.


Our drawings are prepared using Computer Aided Design (CAD). We provide our drawings in a variety of digital file formats or as hard copies as your require.


Site Plans/Topographical Drawings

Site survey drawings showing the extent of the land, its features and levels are essential at an early stage in any development.
With the use of modern Total Stations, we are able to efficiently prepare high quality, detailed site plans tailored to suit your needs.


Measured Building Surveys

Whether to support a Planning Application, Lease, or as the basis for architectural design, measured drawings of the existing buildings and structures will be necessary.


We can prepare measured survey drawings of existing buildings including:


    • Floor plans
    • Elevations
    • Sections
    • Roof plans


Land Registry/Lease plans

When transferring land, it is important that the extent in question is clearly recorded.


We are able to prepare site plans compliant with Land Registry requirements and floor plans suitable to support new Leases.


Boundary Disputes

It is an unfortunate truth that disputes arise between neighbours. Sometimes these relate to the position of a boundary. This is often caused by confusion over changes in a boundary feature or ambiguity in original drawings, which were often prepared as indicative only and not to any particular scale.


We can investigate and advise on boundary disputes and if necessary prepare a detailed site plan to document any agreement that the parties may reach, or to support any case. High quality drawings will greatly assist and will usually be required by a court.