Surveys of Condition
(Structural Surveys)

An important element of any Chartered Surveyors’ practice is the Survey of Condition (also known as a Building Survey or Structural Survey). We are no exception. Over the years, we have built up considerable experience in this area and gained a reputation for the quality of our surveys. We are extremely proud of this reputation and work hard to maintain it.


The survey involves a thorough assessment of all aspects of the fabric of the property from the foundations to the rooftops, from electrics to drains.


Our report comments on the overall condition of the property. Those faults which are of no material significance will not be itemised. Comment is made on the thermal insulation. Photographs of particular features are included and an itemised summary with budget costs for necessary work is provided. We do not recommend further inspections by other specialists unless it is absolutely essential. We will, however, draw your attention to any potential problem.


As we are an independent firm, you can be sure the advice we give will be totally impartial.


We have knowledge and experience of all ages and types of construction from Listed, historic and period buildings to contemporary forms of construction and of current Building Regulation.


We will cover any area or location where our clients have property interests, be it in the UK or abroad.

RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation

With small modern houses and flats where a detailed survey report may not be required, we offer the RICS Homebuyer Survey and Valuation Service. This is a cost-effective Survey and is not at all appropriate for larger or older properties.


The level of inspection is the same as with the Survey of Condition. The principal difference lies in the contents of the two types of report. By comparison, the Homebuyers is brief as we only comment upon urgent matters or items requiring significant expenditure that affect the value. Obviously, if there are any apparent dangers, these would also be mentioned.


The Homebuyers includes a Market Valuation and Reinstatement Cost for insurance purposes but no photographs or budget figures for repairs.


Snagging List

Whilst a Survey may provide guidance as to items of maintenance or any shortcomings with property, if you are buying a new property, a Snagging List is essential in addition to the Survey.


The Snagging List is an itemised record of any unsatisfactory or incomplete items that need to be addressed. Colour photographs are included.


Armed with the Snagging List, you can require the developer to complete the property to an appropriate standard before you complete your purchase.