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Boundary Surveys

Unfortunately disputes sometimes arise between neighbours over the position of a boundary.  As land values increase, boundary disputes are becoming increasingly common and apply equally to boundaries between large areas of land and those between residential or commercial properties in a built-up area.

Confusion over Boundaries

Questions around a boundary often arise from a variety of circumstances including:

  • A change of ownership of one of the properties/land.
  • One party looking to develop the land.
  • Unclear existing documentation about the boundary.
  • A new fence needs erecting.
  • Two neighbours simply disagree over the boundary.

Disputes often stem from confusion over changes in a boundary feature or ambiguity in the property’s/ land’s original drawings.  These plans were often prepared as indicative and not to any particular scale. Their lack of scale and detail then leads to the ambiguity and confusion and, at worst, a dispute between adjoining property/land owners. 

Boundary Surveying Expertise

Our team of surveyors has a long track-record of investigating and advising on boundary disputes.  We bring an objective viewpoint from an in-depth investigation and assessment of the boundary.  This typically involves:

  • A thorough review of all existing documents relating the boundary (title deeds and plans).
  • Assessment of any other historical information, for example aerial photographs and planning records.
  • A site inspection and detailed survey of the boundary.

Where necessary, we can prepare a detailed site plan with accurate measurements of the boundary.  This helps to document any agreement that the parties reach, or to support any boundary dispute case. We often also represent clients and help with their negotiations with relevant parties, to help minimise the dispute escalating and incurring excessive legal fees.

Our highly detailed drawings and advice greatly assist in resolving boundary disputes, and are often required if a case has to go court.  We work with property owners, developers, solicitors and counsel alike to help resolve boundary disputes quickly and successfully.

Boundary Expert Witness

We also have members of the team who are accredited and experienced in preparing evidence and appearing as an Expert Witness in boundary-related court cases.

Can We Help

If you would like to discuss a boundary-related issue, please get in touch with our friendly team of professionals on tel 01483 860600 or by emailing mail@grillollp.com

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