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Business Rates Review

Your business should not be penalised by having to pay unnecessary Business Rates. The Grillo LLP team has a long track-record of successfully challenging the rateable value of commercial properties. As an independent firm with considerable experience and local knowledge, we can give you that objective and impartial viewpoint. We follow the latest developments and can advise in relation to changes in Rateable Values which came into force in the 2017 Rating List.

Business Rates Review Background

The Rateable Value of your business premises forms the basis for the calculation of the Business Rates that you pay. It is (usually) re-assessed every five years. If alterations are made to a property, a reassessment will also be made and this may give rise to grounds for an appeal against the new Rateable Value.

If there are other circumstances, such as a change of use of a neighbouring property that may cause the assessment to alter, there may be grounds for an application to reduce the Rateable Value.

How We Can Help

An assessment of the property and your circumstances will quickly enable us to establish whether there are grounds upon which to challenge your Business Rateable Value, or if you are eligible for any of the relief schemes.

We can also advise on the new Government-imposed changes to the procedure for challenging the 2017 Business Rates. The process is now more complex, however we can advise or hand-hold you through it.

Can We Help?

If you would like to discuss a Business Rate Review issue, please get in touch with our friendly team of professionals on tel 01483 860600 or by emailing mail@grillollp.com

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