Dilapidation Claims

Acting for Landlords or Tenants, we provide a comprehensive service from preparation of a Schedule of Dilapidations arising under a lease through to negotiating settlements. We are able to arrange for repair and redecoration of the premises to comply with the lease.


Acting for Landlords where the Tenants are due to vacate premises, we provide a Schedule of Dilapidations for service on your Tenant.


If the Tenant leaves without complying with the repairing covenants, we will prepare a dilapidations claim to be pursued to compensate the Landlord for the loss.


Our Architectural Services and Building Engineering Department will specify works of repair or improvements, appoint a contractor and monitor the work to satisfactory completion.


Acting for Tenants intending to vacate their premises, we will prepare a list of repairs that are required under the lease. The Tenant can undertake these works and mitigate any claim for dilapidations which the Landlord might make. Our Architectural Services and Building Engineering Department can help.


We are practiced at defending Tenants against dilapidation claims made by their Landlords.