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Schedules of Condition

Whether you are taking a new Lease or letting a property to a Tenant, it is sensible to protect your position by having a detailed Schedule of Condition of the property prepared.

What is a Schedule of Condition?

A Schedule of Condition is a record of the condition of the building at the time a Lease is entered into. It serves as a useful reference when the Tenant vacates the property and can be referred to when there is disagreement about:

  • the extent of remedial work to be carried out by the Tenant, and
  • the extent of any Dilapidations Claim, if the requirement was to return the property in the condition that existed when the Lease was entered into.

What to Expect from Grillo LLP’s Schedule of Condition

Having surveyed the property and reviewed the Lease we clarify the responsibilities of the Tenant, including common areas. Our comprehensive Schedule includes a detailed written description of the condition of the property and is accompanied by colour photographs, providing both an illustrated and narrative record.  It guides both the Landlord and Tenant going forward of their obligations and is a useful marker of the state of the premises at the beginning of the lease.

We often provide Schedules of Condition for letting agents, solicitors as well as Landlords and Tenants.   We also have members of the team who are Party Wall specialists and can provide Schedules of Condition in relation to Party Wall disputes.

Can We Help?

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