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Commercial Building Surveys of Condition

Whether purchasing a commercial property or taking a new Lease, you need to know your potential liability for maintenance and repairs. A detailed commercial Building Survey of Condition will give you a true picture of the premises and highlight any expensive repairs and future maintenance liabilities.

Over the years, the Grillo LLP commercial team has built up considerable experience across Surrey, London and the South East.  We are very proud of, and work hard to maintain, our reputation for delivering high quality and informative commercial surveys, upon which property owners and tenants rely.

What to expect from a Grillo LLP Commercial Building Survey of Condition

Our Commercial Building Survey of Condition involves a thorough assessment of all aspects of the property’s fabric – from the foundations to the rooftops, from electrics through to drains.

In our report, you will receive:

  • Comment on the overall condition of the property
  • Points to note and/or address
  • Comment on thermal insulation provision
  • Photographs of particular features
  • An itemised summary with budget costs for necessary work

Those faults which are of no material significance will not be itemised in the report. Also, unlike other surveyors, we do not devolve responsibility. We will only recommend further inspections by other specialists when it’s absolutely essential. Our extensive and experienced surveying approach will give you a comprehensive overview in one detailed report, wherever possible. We will, however, draw your attention to any potential problem and can source specialists on your behalf if further investigations are needed.

Where required, we can also arrange specialist asbestos, energy efficiency and mechanical and electrical investigations.

Investment Properties

The Grillo LLP team also support those with commercial property investment portfolios.  With Investors purchasing new freeholds, we can review tenants’ repairs liability against the current state of the property and establish whether the building is able to be maintained effectively under the new lease arrangements.

Snagging List

When buying a new-build commercial property, a Snagging List is an essential addition to your Survey. It is an itemised record of any unsatisfactory or incomplete items that need to be addressed by the developer, before you take ownership.

Armed with the Snagging List, you can require the developer to complete the property to an appropriate standard before you complete your purchase.  With Grillo LLP’s Snagging List reports, colour photographs are always included.

Reliable Commercial Property Surveying Expertise

As an independent firm, you can be sure the advice we give will be totally impartial. As well as being RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) qualified, we have detailed knowledge and experience of all ages and types of construction – from old, Listed and period buildings to contemporary forms.  We also constantly update our knowledge to keep pace with ever changing Building Regulations.

Whilst based in Surrey, the Grillo team is happy to cover any area or location where our clients have commercial property interests, be it in the UK or abroad.

Can We Help?

If you would like to discuss our commercial building surveys in relation to a premises you are considering or already own, please get in touch with our friendly team of professionals on tel 01483 860600 or by emailing mail@grillollp.com

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