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Expert Witness Support Helps To Remove Restrictive Covenant

Our client was looking to develop another property on their land but had a restrictive covenant. The covenant which originated from 1906 divided the land into East and West zones. For the purpose of the build our client needed the division to be in North and South plots.

How we helped…

The client chose to represent themselves in the legal proceedings and came to us to get Expert Witness support in the case.  We worked closely with them for two years and were fully conversant in the case and the court procedures surrounding it. In doing so we had to conduct extensive research into the covenant in order to have the necessary preparation for cross-examination in court. 

We gave evidence to the Land Valuation Tribunal and our client was successful in their bid to remove the restrictive covenant.

The end result…

With the covenant successfully removed our client was free to build a second house on their plot for a family member and in a position they wanted. They were naturally delighted with the outcome of the case and our support in making that possible.

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