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Land Surveys and Plans

When embarking on a new development or building project, a survey of the land and existing structures will be necessary to allow the production of detailed plans and drawings of the existing features. The survey presents valuable and key insight to help owners, potential owners and developers when fully considering the development potential of a site.

Site Plans / Topographical Drawings

Site survey drawings showing the extent of the land, its features and levels are essential at an early stage in any development. 

Grillo LLP’s land survey plan drawings are prepared using Computer Aided Design (CAD). We provide our drawings in a variety of digital file formats or as hard copies – depending on your preferences. We use modern Total Station technology and can efficiently prepare high quality, detailed site plans tailored to suit your needs.

Land Registry and Lease Plans

When legally transferring land, it is important that the extent of the site in question is clearly recorded. We regularly help our clients with Land Registry and Lease plan issues.  In doing so we are often called on to prepare:

  • site plans compliant with Land Registry requirements, and
  • floor plans suitable to support new Leases.

Flying Freeholds

Over time, and particularly with older buildings, one part of a freehold property can come to overhang or underlie another freehold. Common examples include a room situated above a shared passageway in a semi-detached house, a balcony which extends over a neighbouring property, or a room adjoining another property where a detached house has been altered and divided.

When it comes to the sale, development or repair of properties with a ‘flying freehold’, our surveys and resulting plans and precision drawings can provide helpful information and ensure work complies with the latest legislation.

Can We Help?

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