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Measured Building Surveys Drawings

Whether to support a Planning Application, Lease, or as the basis for architectural design, we can produce high quality measured drawings of existing buildings and structures.

Precision and Clarity to Inform Decision-Making

Our measured building survey drawings give precision and clarity to guide decision-making for property acquisition, development, refurbishment and maintenance.  In doing so they help to minimise problems subsequently arising in property projects. Such problems and unforeseen issues can obviously cause delays and additional costs for a project.

Measured building survey drawings help property owners, architects and developers to visualise and decide on issues such as:

  • Placement of walls – removal or construction.
  • How space will ‘flow’ in a property.
  • Roof design.
  • Fenestration and elevation appearance/ continuity.

We are regularly called upon to prepare measured survey drawings of existing buildings, which can include:

  • Floor plans.
  • Elevations.
  • Building sections.
  • Roof plans.

Our measured surveys can be provided in conjunction with a topographic and Land Survey, if required.

Flexibility and Quality

Our drawings are prepared using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and can be provided in a variety of digital file formats or as hard copies – depending on your preferences. We use modern Total Station technology and so can efficiently prepare high quality, precision drawings tailored to suit your needs.

Can We Help?

If you would like to discuss a measured building survey issue, please get in touch with our friendly team of professionals on tel 01483 860600 or by emailing mail@grillollp.com

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