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Reinstating Property After Fire Damage

Our clients had unfortunately experienced a fire in a bedroom of their bungalow.  As well as damage to the structure of the bedroom, there was significant smoke damage to the rest of the property.

What our client wanted…

Our clients were an elderly couple who wanted an experienced team of professionals to oversee the repair of the property and to deal with their Insurers.  They were keen for the process to run seamlessly and for a high standard of work to be achieved.

How we helped…

The Grillo Team were called in to undertake thorough repairs and redecoration of the property. Liaising with the client, we specified the works that needed to be undertaken and then conducted a tender and selected the best contractor to meet the project’s needs, requirements and budget. From there, we monitored the works and kept our client informed of progress through regular updates.

The end result…

The property was repaired and redecorated to a high standard and all traces of the fire damage were removed so the couple could continue to live comfortably in their home.

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