Residential Management (Blocks of Flats and other Private Estates)

The management of a block of flats or any estate made up of a number of dwellings is a complex area. It is important to any investor or Residents’ Management Company acting in their capacity as Landlord to know that their interests are being served by a team of caring and proactive professionals with up to date knowledge of the relevant statutory requirements and industry standards.


Not only must our clients be confident that their obligation as landlords and property owners is being met but they must also be sure that the buildings and grounds for which they are responsible under any Lease are being routinely inspected and maintained.

Our Management Service has developed over the past twenty years to meet our clients particular needs and is now thought to be one of the most comprehensive currently available. The following services are included:


  • Periodic inspections to monitor the condition of buildings and grounds
  • Maintenance of accounts and company records
  • Acting as Company Secretary
  • Convening and conducting Annual General Meetings
  • Preparation of Budgets and collection of Service Charge
  • Organisation of repairs and maintenance including writing of specifications, obtaining competitive tenders and contract monitoring
  • Dealing with any emergency in connection with the property

We can also advise upon Leasehold Reform issues and specific defect analysis as a result of the range of professional work in which we are regularly involved. This is an added comfort for our Clients.