Party Wall Advice

Where work is intended to a building that may envoke the Party Wall Etc Act 1996, we are able to advise on the implications of your or your neighbour’s proposals and whether or not Notices are required to be served under the Act.


Whether acting for the Building Owner or the Adjoining Owner we can prepare or respond to Notices, prepare or agree Schedules of Condition and a Party Wall Award. This is a legally binding agreement setting out the extent of the proposed works, how and when the work is to be carried out and what should happen in the event that something goes wrong.

By appointing a suitably qualified and experienced Party Wall Surveyor, you can be confident that the party wall will be protected and that the risk of a dispute arising or damage occurring to the property as a result of work to the party wall is minimised.


Through his membership of the Pyramus and Thisbe Club, a society of experienced Party Wall Surveyors, Tom Grillo keeps up to date with the very latest changes in case law and procedures in this complex field.