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Survey Services

Over the years, our team of talented, highly trained and experienced building surveyors have gained a reputation for the quality of our bespoke building surveys. We are extremely proud of this reputation and work hard to maintain it. As an independent firm, you can be sure the advice we give will be totally impartial.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of all ages and types of construction – from listed, historic and period buildings to contemporary forms of construction.  Our team also fully understand current Building Regulations and bring helpful local insight to support your property desires and plans.

Whilst based in Surrey, the Grillo LLP team is happy to cover any area or location where our clients have property interests, be it in the UK or abroad.

Survey Options

Depending on your requirements, we offer a range of surveys…

Grillo LLP Survey of Condition

Our most popular survey is our Survey of Condition, as it delivers a more comprehensive, highly bespoke and detailed survey along with helpful guidance to inform property decision-making.

The Grillo LLP Building Survey of Condition delivers:

  • A thorough assessment of all aspects of the property’s fabric – from the foundations to the rooftops, from electrics to drains.
  • Comprehensive and practical advice on the overall condition of the property – backed up with photographic evidence.
  • An itemised summary with budget costs (based on current local rates) for necessary work.  This helps our clients to get a faster, quantified and helpful overview of the financial implications of the issues we have identified.

Unlike other surveyors, we do not devolve responsibility. We only recommend further inspections by other specialists when it’s absolutely essential. Our extensive and experienced surveying approach will give you a comprehensive overview in one detailed report, wherever possible. We will, however, draw your attention to any potential problem and can source specialists on your behalf if further investigations are needed.

RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Survey (and Valuation)

With small modern houses and flats, where a detailed survey report may not be required, we offer the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Homebuyer Survey and Valuation. This is a cost-effective survey, but is not recommended for larger or older properties.

The level of inspection is the same as with the Building Survey of Condition and members of our team conducting the survey are RICS-qualified. The principal difference lies in the content of the two types of report.

  • The Homebuyers Survey is a concise document where we comment upon urgent matters or items requiring significant expenditure that in turn would affect the property’s value. Obviously, if there are any apparent dangers, we would flag these in our report.
  • The Homebuyers Survey and Valuation also includes a Market Valuation and reinstatement cost for insurance purposes.  Unlike our Building Survey of Condition, it doesn’t contain photographs or budget figures for repairs. The valuation report is undertaken by one of our RICS Registered Valuers.

Snagging List

When buying a new-build property, a Snagging List is an essential addition to your survey. It is an itemised record of any unsatisfactory or incomplete items that need to be addressed by the developer, before you take ownership.

Armed with the Snagging List, you can require the developer to complete the property to an appropriate standard before you complete your purchase.  With Grillo LLP’s Snagging List reports, colour photographs are always included.

Surveys for Flat and Apartment Purchases

We also often conduct surveys for flats and apartment purchases where, in addition to the interior of the dwelling, you will be taking on shared responsibility for the whole building, under the terms of your Lease.  As well as inspecting the fabric of the flat or apartment itself, we assess the building’s communal areas and relating service charge to comment and advise on any service charge implications.

Our resulting reports enable buyers to fully determine their obligations in the purchase for both the flat/apartment and the wider building.

“We were very impressed with the two thorough, detailed and highly informative full building surveys that David prepared for us. The photographs were particularly useful, clearly illustrating all the points made in the report. His detailed analysis of the structural problems in the first property we looked at, enabled us to realise that it was not for us. His comprehensive report on the second property, a late Victorian cottage, reassured us that we had made a good choice. 

We would thoroughly recommend the services offered by Grillo, especially to anyone trying to untangle the complexities of an older property.”

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Can We Help?

If you would like to discuss our building surveys in relation to a property you are considering or already own, please get in touch with our friendly team of professionals on tel 01483 860600 or by emailing mail@grillollp.com

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