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Property Valuations

As a highly respected and experienced team of property valuation surveyors, we are able to provide a variety of property valuations to support different requirements. Our team includes RICS Registered Valuers, who possess significant local knowledge of current property values in Surrey, London and the South East of England.

Supporting Inheritance Tax and Probate-related Property Issues

When the owner of a property dies, a valuation is needed before the estate can be wound up. In addition to producing this valuation, we can arrange for independent experts to value the contents, goods and chattels. As well as working directly with family members, we also support Solicitors and Accountants in their Inheritance Tax and Probate-related work.

Property Valuations for Family and Other Trusts

We regularly offer advice and prepare valuations in connection with family or other trusts. In doing so, we take into account any conditions specified in the Trust Deed and work closely with Solicitors.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment

We provide reinstatement cost assessments for insurance purposes. It is important to bear in mind that the focus here is on the current cost of rebuilding the premise, including outbuildings and garden walls. The sum to be insured does not directly relate to the property’s Market Value, and as a result our reinstatement cost assessment is prepared specifically for insurance purposes.

Valuation for Taxation

Valuations for a variety of tax purposes including Capital Gains Tax can be prepared.

Matrimonial Issue Property Valuations

To assist in the tax planning of spouses and divorce-related matters, we provide completely impartial and objective property valuations. In doing so, we often work closely with and support accountancy, tax and Legal Advisers. As members of the RICS Expert Witness Accredited Scheme, we are able to produce Expert reports for the Court, should that be needed.

Property Development Valuations

We also conduct valuations to assist Property Development projects and new builds.

Right To Buy and Shared Ownership Property Valuations

Increasingly, we are helping those looking to purchase or sell property under a Help To Buy or Shared Ownership Schemes. In these instances we conduct valuations to help people:

  • Purchase a property under the scheme and calculate their financial commitment.
  • Increase or adjust their percentage of ownership with the Housing Association or Joint Owner.
  • Sell their stake in the property (in this instance the co-owning Housing Association often require an independent Chartered Surveyor to assess the property’s current Market Value).

Property Valuations for Mortgages

Mortgage providers generally require a valuation before they lend money on the security of any property. We take instructions for valuations from Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Banks, Trusts and other Lenders. Our extensive experience and detailed knowledge provides highly informed and helpful valuations to support mortgage applications and decision-making.

“We have been very grateful to you for your considered professionalism and attention to detail when surveying properties for us and handling subsequent queries”

Mrs S

Can We Help?

If you would like to discuss our property valuation expertise in relation to an issue or opportunity you are facing, please get in touch with our friendly team of professionals on tel 01483 860600 or by emailing mail@grillollp.com

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