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Transformation of Garage on Listed Estate

Our client was the owner of a Listed estate in Surrey and was keen to replace a 1930s cow shed, that over time had been converted to a garage. It stood adjacent to the Listed main building.

What our client wanted…

The garage had been built with a concrete frame and corrugated asbestos roof.  The owner wanted to replace the building with one more sympathetic to the main and Listed house’s features.  They wanted a building that functioned as both a working garage for their luxury cars and included an underground wine cellar. Given the Listed and heritage features within the Estate, the work involved consultation with the local Conservation Officer.

Coneyhurst Garage

How we helped…

The Grillo Team were called to design a building which was in keeping and more sympathetic with the main Listed house. We were also involved in the specification of the construction and liaised closely with the local Conservation Officer.  This involved ensuring in the demolition of the old structure that the asbestos roof was removed safely according to latest Health & Safety regulations.

With the new build, features such as painted timber weatherboarding and hand-made clay roof tiles helped to create a more aesthetic, but also practical and robust structure. We were also instrumental in designing and overseeing the construction of a spiral underground wine cellar.

Coneyhurst Garage Exterior afterwards
Coneyhurst Interior
Coneyhurst Exterior Back
Coneyhurst Grounds

The end result…

Our client was delighted with the end result. The new garage was more harmonious in appearance with other heritage buildings on the estate.  It was also highly functional to their needs and could comfortably accommodate the space required for their luxury cars.  The Conservation Officer also approved the sympathetic treatment of the build, in keeping with the Listed main property and other aspects of the Estate.

Coneyhurst Wine Cellar

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