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Grillo Logo
We are often asked why we have a grasshopper as our logo. This is because in Italy, the word Grillo is not only a recognised surname but also means ‘grasshopper’.

According to legend, the name derives from the Middle Ages, and the warring between private Italian armies. The man whose task it was to be first up the siege ladders, scaling castle battlements, was known as ‘Il Grillo’. Presumably because his speed of ascent closely resembled the leapings of the grasshopper.

‘Il Grillo’ even gave his name to the Castelli del Grillo which stood at San Angelo di Lombardi until an earthquake destroyed it in 1980.

Tom Grillo’s grandfather left his native Italy in the last century and came to this country as Professor of Comparative Literature at Glasgow University. His family has stayed on here.

We hope that some of those qualities of initiative, courage and speed inherited from the first Grillo are evident in our services to clients.

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